A Religious “Vaccination”

Well, it will soon be time for that annual medical migration to the clinics, doctor’s offices, drug stores, etc. to get the flu vaccine. Of course, as with all vaccinations, the premise is that it presents the body with just enough of the cells of the “target disease” to get the body to load up on anti-bodies and when the real disease comes along, the strongest of defense mechanisms are in place and we don’t get the real thing.

Okay, that’s a way oversimplified explanation, but I’m not the one giving the shots.

I am just struck at how many folks seem to have experienced the religious version of a vaccine. I meet so many people who have no time for Bible study, worship, fellowship, etc. yet when we talk about those things they tell all about what they “used” to do. They tell me the church where they went with grandma or where they are now members (even though if they actually went, they would be greeted as visitors).

It seems they got just enough of a “spirit of religion,” they are sure not to get the “real thing.” When asked about their relationship with Christ – most seem to prefer to talk about the coming flu season.

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