Bi-Vocational Ministers’ Conference (Part 2)

Each year there is a different theme for the conference. In recent years the focus has been on revival, spiritual gifts and other timely topics. This year the theme was on leadership. Conference speakers are told what the theme is, but they are to pray and seek God’s direction as to the actual message (as well it should be).

Both Jim Henry and Ray Gilder brought messages focused on the minister’s role of leadership beginning at home with the family. I really felt God was using this time to remind us that (especially) as bi-vocationals, it is easy to get busy with providing for the family monetarily and doing the work of the church – at the expense of the home.

We were reminded that our priorities are to be God, family and then church – in that order. There are many ministers’ children who leave the church because they grew up in home where the church was the “mistress” who stole their dad’s affection, time and energy.

If you are a church member, please encourage – and allow – your pastor and ministerial staff to keep their family first. If you are a minister, remember that God established the family before He established the church and if you fail at home, you can’t succeed anywhere else.

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