Taking a Hike (The Waterfalls)

The second day of our journey into the Pisgah National Forest included a tour of the waterfalls in the Brevard area.

We used Kevin Adams’ book North Carolina Waterfalls – Where to Find Them, How to Photograph Them as our guide. This turned out to be both a very informative guide for deciding which falls to go see as well as how to get there. There are a few such as Looking Glass Falls which are well marked and visible from the highway. Others, such as Moore Cove Falls, require a mild hike – but are well worth it. This is especially true in the summer since you can walk down behind the falls and get wet J


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One Comment on “Taking a Hike (The Waterfalls)”

  1. Bob… you both surely had a blast… what beautiful places you have shared with us here.

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