Proud Papa :-)

Okay, I’m not passing out cigars or having to change diapers – but we do have a “birth announcement.” A new blog has been born. And we all know the world needs more bloggers, right? J

My wife, Eileen, has kicked off her art blog. Eileen has always been an artist. Sometimes her art is expressed through drawing, sometimes in cooking, sometimes in painting and, at times, through music. I have always been one of those blessed by her creations.

Her blog can be found at

Now, you can join in her in on her journey. I know, you’ll be blessed as well.

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2 Comments on “Proud Papa :-)”

  1. Plumber7 Says:

    Hello Pastor Bob,
    Congratulations on your new arrival.
    I enjoyed your interview with Dr. Phil, Boy was he ever mixed up, you really helped him out.
    God Bless and Have a nice day

  2. Susan Williams Says:

    Hey, Bob!
    Got your e-mail, thanks for letting us know about Eileen’s blog and now I can add yours to my favorites too. This is fun, to peek into this part of your world you share. Take care, your S-I-L, Susan

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