My Endorsement Available?

I just wanted to let you folks know I am potentially available to endorse you for any office you may be seeking this political season.

In the interest of full disclosure, I think I should tell you that as a pastor, I:

  1. Do not cuss. So, if there is something attractive to you about a preacher who cusses and takes God’s Name in vain from the pulpit, you should look elsewhere
  2. Do not demean people for their race. Regardless of what race that may be. DC Talk’s song “Colored People” is still a favorite. So, if you want someone who will run down folks for being white, black, red, yellow – I ain’t your man.
  3. Do not promote individual candidates from the pulpit. While addressing issues which may be political in the sense that politicians have delved into promoting or taking sides on a moral issue, I don’t do politics in the pulpit. That place and time are for promoting only one Person and that is Christ. So, I’m not going to do you any good there.

I guess this may explain why the phone isn’t ringing.

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