Reb . . . The Dog

I’d like ya’ll to meet my dog – Reb. (OK so I’m not all that creative when it comes to names – but he picked that name). He’s a red beagle we “adopted” when he was a pup.


We had great visions of making a rabbit dog out of him. But “Reb” has a problem. He has hay fever. Oh, he loves to go after a rabbit and he can trail with the best of them. But, when he does, his eyes swell up and he sneezes until it seems he’ll never stop. So, Reb doesn’t hunt. He does like to sleep and eat and go for walks and get his belly rubbed and just be a “lap dog.” He doesn’t seem the least bit disappointed that he isn’t in a dog pen sneezing his head off. In fact, I think Reb enjoys being a part of the family. And that is just fine with us, too.


God has used Reb to teach me a lot about myself. You see, God adopted me into His family as well. The scriptures say He CHOSE me. But, unlike when we chose Reb, God did not choose me with any great expectations in mind. He chose me not for what I could do for Him, but simply because He loves me.


In fact, his agape’ love is based solely on what He can do for me. And, what He desires to do through me.


All of this is found in Ephesians 2:8-10. Sometimes, when we get discouraged, it does us good to remember to Whom we belong – to think of where we are and where we could be. How refreshing and encouraging to remember that we are now a part of His family. He calls us His own.


And that my friends, is better than a belly rub. 

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