Little Things Mean a Lot

A local gas station recently had a “little” problem. It seems, when setting the price on the pump, that “little” thing called a decimal point was in the wrong place and for 1 ½ hours they sold Exxon premium gas for 3.9 cents a gallon! (I’m sorry I missed out on that deal!!)

A decimal point is such a little thing. It can’t really matter that much, can it? Now, if I were buying the gas and it was $39.00 per gallon, that wouldn’t be funny at all.

So, I guess “little” things can mean a lot. Sometimes it’s a little word of encouragement for a friend, a little act of kindness or a little smile. A little thing in the right place can make all the difference.

Have a great day.   

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One Comment on “Little Things Mean a Lot”

  1. A great point with a great example to drive it home Bob!

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