“Unleashed” by Erwin Raphael McManus

Have you ever wanted to live life on the “wild side”? How about living the Christian life on the wild side? Does that sound contradictory? Well, that’s exactly what Mr. McManus proposes in “Unleashed.” He calls it the “barbarian” way.

McManus’ proposal is that the modern church has become much too civilized in order to be safe. He posits the early church, and especially Christ did not picture this type of life as normal. In this challenging work, he calls for modern Christians to get back to the culture confronting , living on the edge type of faith to which Christ has called those who will follow Him.

The author makes the pint well we have been called to walk by faith, not to be frozen by fear. As the Church, we are far less dangerous – and take far fewer risks – than God ever planned for us. There are many who will not be comfortable with this challenge, and that helps make the author’s point.

I recommend this challenging work, but be ready to feel convicted, confronted and called out by it.      

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2 Comments on ““Unleashed” by Erwin Raphael McManus”

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