“The Butterfly Effect: How Your Life Matters” by Andy Andrews

“The Butterfly Effect: How Your Life Matters” by Andy Andrews has been described as the “ultimate gift book.” I agree. The information in the book is condensed from “The Traveler’s Gift” into a colorful quick read, but with a powerful message.

The “Butterfly Effect” is a name borrowed form that of a scientific hypothesis which states if a butterfly flaps his wings in the rainforest of South America, the molecules of air which are set in motion can become a hurricane thousands of miles away in the Atlantic. Hence, a thing which may seem to be most insignificant can have a tremendous impact.

That hypothesis is carried over into the life of every person. So, the life of every person – and the actions of every person, are important and meaningful.

To drive his point home, Andy Andrews gives a couple examples from history of everyday, ordinary people whose actions have impacted the lives of every person who has lived since.

While the book is small, the message is huge. It only takes a few minutes to read, but the message can change a life forever.

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