“Let Your Light Shine”

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”     –     Matthew 5:16


While on a mission trip, I was part of a team of people who were going into the community to invite people to the neighborhood church. Their attendance had dwindled down to the pastor, his wife and a few children they brought with them each Sunday.


I was sitting in the house next door to the church – right next door – and the young mother told me she, her husband and their small children would love to attend, but they didn’t think the church was ever “open”. “We never see any lights on over there,” she said.


It was true, the church did not have evening services, so the lights were never on.


I wonder how many times people – some very close to us, don’t know we are Christians, because our “lights” are never on.


Throughout the New Testament, we are told to “walk in the light, as He is in the light”, that we are to be “children of light.” In the verse above we see the reason is so that God may be glorified. So, make a conscious effort to let your light shine on someone today – and glorify God in the process.

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2 Comments on ““Let Your Light Shine””

  1. Marc Godwin Says:

    A very good message Bob. I’m trying to make my light shine a little longer and hopefully a little brighter.

    Mind, Body and spirit.

  2. rebrev Says:

    Thanks, Marc! It’s an everyday effort – but the good news is, He gives us the strength for each day.

    Have a great weekend, my Friend.


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