She’s a Winner!

Well, today Eileen ran her first ever 5k (3.1 mile) race.

This all started a few months back when it struck me as a good idea to begin running in some races, with the goal of eventually running the Myrtle Beach ½ Marathon next February.

Eileen, being the good natured person, and great wife that she is, said she’d join me on race days and do the 5k’s. Keep in mind that at that point she wasn’t running on a regular basis. But, she stuck by her plans and kept increasing her distance until 3 weeks ago when I had my heart attack.

With that news, I am out of any races for the foreseeable future. But, she persisted and said she’d continue with her plan. However, I was not helping her with her running routine. There was the week in the hospital followed by the fact that I can’t mow the lawn and other things she has to tend to around the house. Her conditioning has been severely impeded. She still ran sporadically once or twice a week.

She never did get up to running three miles – until today.

She boarded the shuttle to the starting point and I took up my place with camera in hand at the finish line and waited.

As you can see from the picture below, she did a great. She ran the entire length of the course. “I almost cried at the end,” she said. “Why,” I asked. She replied, “Because I was running for both of us.”

And I almost cried at that.

Way to go girl, and you’re always a winner with me.

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One Comment on “She’s a Winner!”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Seems were the winners to share in the race and the writing…….to see God’s hand in everything makes life a great adventure….Way to go Garbetts

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