What’s in YOUR Wallet?

I got a note from Capital One this week. I expected it to be a “thank you” card for my part of the banks’ bail-out package. I expected it to read something like “We understand we have generally been irresponsible with our financial practices, and we appreciate the credit extension. Thank you for being a part of the American public whose elected leaders are following the same practice which got us into so much trouble, namely loaning money to people who don’t have the ability, or choose not to pay it back.”

But, it didn’t say thank you, it wasn’t an apology. It was a rate increase. We’ve paid the bill, it’s not (and hasn’t been) in arrears, it is not (and hasn’t been) over limit.

Capital One has those ads with the Viking looking warriors pillaging and marauding depicting other credit card companies. Apparently, those guys got laid off from the other credit card companies and are now part of the Capital One crew. They are getting ready to get the boot here too. The Capital One card is coming out of MY wallet. One more reason to be debt free.

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