It’s Still Murder

I just read on a story about a “botched” abortion in Miami where an 18 year old was prepped for an abortion and the doctor did not arrive on time, so she went into labor and delivered a 23 week old baby girl.

The baby was placed in a plastic bag and thrown out with the trash.

You can read the story here,2933,488644,00.html

Does this appall you? It should, but my question is, what is the real difference between this and every other abortion? The mother obviously didn’t want the baby. She paid (apparently) her money. The baby was killed. The answer is there is no real difference, yet so many even those who are “pro-choice” find this particular story disturbing.

It is disturbing. It is heartbreaking. But, so is every abortion and now, once again, we are funding them with our tax dollars and exporting them all over the world.

Just in case you didn’t read the story – no charges have been filed in this case yet, none may be.

May God have mercy.

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